FTTC Fritzbox setup

This guide is suitable for FRITZ!Box 7490, 7390, 7360, and 7272 routers using the latest FRITZ!OS firmware.

FRITZ!Box Cable Setup

Use your supplied Ethernet cable to connect the yellow LAN 1 port on the FRITZ!Box to the yellow GATEWAY port on your NBN FTTC Network Connection Device.

Cabling for NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) Connections

  1. The NBN FTTC Network Connection Device connects between your FRITZ!Box and your phone line wall socket.
  2. Ensure the NBN FTTC Network Connection Device is connected and powered.
  3. On the NBN FTTC Network Connection Device: Check that the DSL, Connection and Power lights are all lit blue.
  4. Connect another Ethernet cable to one of the three remaining yellow LAN ports on the back of the FRITZ!Box. Connect the other end of the cable to your computer's network port.
  5. Connect the included power supply to the back of the FRITZ!Box and plug it into a power outlet.
  6. Your FRITZ!Box should turn on.

Setting the language, region, and password for your FRITZ!Box

The following steps only apply if your FRITZ!Box is not already configured, or if it has been reset to factory default settings.

If you purchased your FRITZ!Box from Webshield, your router has been pre-configured. Simply follow the cabling steps above to set up your FTTP/NBN broadband service.

Step 1

  • Make sure that your computer is connected to the FRITZ!Box - either with an Ethernet cable, or over a WiFi network.
  • Open your preferred web browser, for example: Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Enter the following number into the address bar and then hit Enter on your keyboard:
    • (this number is called an IP Address).

The following steps apply only if your modem is not already configured, or if it has been reset to factory default settings.

Step 2

  • The Language Selection screen will appear.
  • Select English from the list, then click Next.

Step 3

  • The Regional Settings screen will appear.
  • Select Australia from the drop-down menu.
  • Select your state from the Time Zone drop-down, then click Next.
  • The modem will save your settings and reboot. This may take around two minutes.

Step 4

  • The wizard will ask you to create an Administrator Password. You will need this password in future when you try to log in to your FRITZ!Box router.
  • Make sure that the Set FRITZ!Box password now (recommended) check-box is selected.
  • Enter your chosen password into the FRITZ!Box password box.
  • Click OK to save your password.

Please make a note of your new Administrator Password, as Webshield will not be able to provide it to you if it is lost or forgotten.

If you forget the password, you will need to factory reset your FRITZ!Box before you can access the user interface.

You can reset the FRITZ!Box to factory settings by clicking Forgot your password? and then Restore Factory Settings at the login screen (see Step 5 below). Please note that this will overwrite all of your settings.

Once you have reset your FRITZ!Box to factory settings, you will have to restart this wizard from the beginning.

Configuring your Internet connection

Step 1

  • You will be presented with a welcome screen. Click Cancel.
  • The wizard will warn you that if you exit now you will lose your changes.
  • Click Exit Wizard to confirm you wish to exit the Wizard.

Step 2

  • The FRITZ!Box will display its main user interface. Click Internet in the menu to the left of the screen.
  • More menu options will appear underneath Internet. Click Account Information.
  • The Account Information screen will appear. At the top of the screen, choose Other Internet Service Provider from the Internet Service Provider list.
  • Enter Webshield into the Name field.

Step 3

    • In the Connection list, select External Modem or Router.
    • Make sure that Establish own connection to the Internet is selected from the Operating mode section.

Step 4

  • Make sure that Is account information required is set to Yes.

Step 5

  • Enter your username into the User name field, for example: username@nbn.webshield.net.au
    NOTE: If your username does not include @nbn.webshield.net.au you will be unable to connect.
  • Enter your Webshield password into the Password field.

Step 6

  • Enter your service speeds into the Data Throughput section's Upstream and Downstream fields. These will depend on the speed of your NBN service:
Service SpeedDownstreamUpstream
25 Mbps/5 Mbps 25000 5000
12 Mbps/1 Mbps 12000 1000

Click the text link Change Connection Settings to show the Connection Settings section.Step 6a

  • Under Internet Connection, select the option: Maintain permanently (recommended for flat rates)
  • Under VLAN Settings, tick/check the box for Use VLAN for internet access
  • Enter the value provided into the VLAN-ID field (often 100)

Step 7

  • Once you've entered you've entered the VLAN-ID, click Apply to save your settings.
  • The FRITZ!Box will display a pop-up window warning you that the LAN1 port on your FRITZ!Box will become the WAN port. Click OK to continue.

The FRITZ!Box will save your settings. Click OK to continue.

Step 8

The FRITZ!Box will test your connection to the Internet. If successful, click OK.

Step 9

 Congratulations! You have successfully configured your FRITZ!Box to connect to the Internet using a NBN FTTC connection.

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