myVOIP Phone Interface

myVOIP Phone Interface Description

With the myVOIP Phone interface you can:

  • View current phone logs
  • View and download past invoices and call logs
  • Change the call "flow" for your phone service

Logging In

First Click on the VOIP Phone link on the Webshield Home page   

Now you need to enter your full username and password for your VOIP phone login

Viewing my call Information

View your basic information summary on the main screen, including the total current spend on VOIP calls

To View invoices click on Invoices on the Left, select the Details Icon on the right to view the particular monthly invoice of your choice

To get Detailed information on the calls and expenses made in that invoice click on the basic or detailed versions of the invoices on the right (either Acrobat reader or Excel)

Changing call "Flow" - Call diversion, voicemail, etc

Call Flow setup allows you to change the incoming call events:

  • Calls can come into your connected phone device (when call flow is left blank)
  • Calls can be directed to voicemail (an audio file of the voicemail will be emailed to your selected email account)
  • Calls can be directed to another number (another VOIP phone extension you use, or to a mobile or landline). NOTE call charges may apply with redirection to external numbers

Calls can be directed

  • Immediately the phone rings
  • After a number of unanswered rings
  • when the line is busy
  • or when the connected device "fails" ie: is not connected or power is off

First Select "call flow" for the Phone "device" you wish to manage calls for:

Then click on the edit icon on the right of the call "event" you wish to alter (eg: before call, busy, failed, etc)

Choose the action you want.

  • None -  will allow the connected phone device to ring on "before call" or for the caller to get the engaged tone for "busy", "failed" or "no answer"
  • Forward - Will divert the call to either another VOIP phone extension or an external number (call charges apply for all calls diverted to external numbers)
  • Voicemail - Will divert calls to voicemail. It's is best to use this option for "busy", "no answer" or "failed". Voicemail messages are recorded and emailed to your chosen email address (listed in the device settings)

Click on the tick next to the chosen action, then chose where you want the call diverted to:

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