Webmail Interface

Webshield  Webmail Description

The webmail system allows you to:

  • Send and recieve emails directly on the server
  • Clear off your server inbox
  • change your email password

Logging in

First click on the webmail Link
on the left of the Webshield homepage

Now use your full email address (including the @webshield.net.au ending) and password and click Login to log in.

Send an email from the interface

Click Compose top left to create a new email:

Once you've opened the email creation page. Enter the recipient address, a subject, your email content and hit send

NOTE: Emails sent from the webmail interface will be stored in the sent items folder on webmail. However not all email client software (Outlook, thunderbird, etc) bring copies over of these sent messages over into the client software. To get around this issue you can always carbon copy a copy of emails to yourself as you send them.

Clear out old emails on the server

Many users make the mistake of not clearing old emails off the server, or their client software (Outlook, thunderbird, etc) is not correctly clearing the emails off the server for them.

You need to be aware that the Webmail interface has a 2 step email removal process to prevent you loosing emails by mistake.

Firstly select the email you want to remove and click the Delete button across the top

This moves the email into the trash folder in case you want to recover the email later. However, this can be a problem if your server storage space is becoming over full

Now Click on the trash folder at the left   
Now Delete the email again by selecting it
and clicking on the delete button.

WARNING: Emails deleted from the
trash folder cannot be recovered

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