myWebshield Accounting

my Webshield Accounting Description

The myWebshield Accounting system allows you to:

  • View your connection information: usage data, plan size, etc
  • Order or upgrade existing services
  • Modify your contact details on our files
  • Update Credit card details or other payment methods

Logging in


Firstly Click on the myWebshield Link on our homepage

Now enter your email address that Webshield uses as your primary contact address

NOTE: DO NOT use the same password for myWebshield as you use for your Webshield email account.

NOTE: If you don't know your password, or don't have a password for myWebshield then Click the Forgot Password Link, and a password reset email will be sent to your contact email address

Updating Details

Need to change your contact details, credit card details, or login details?

Click on Update on the Left

Once logged in you can pick from the left hand menu and alter your contact details on our files (see Below) and click Save to complete the change

You can also update your credit card details on our records using the Billing information tab on the left

NOTE: All credit card details are encrypted in our database on entry.

Track your Usage

From the Main myWebshield page (Click "Home" on the left if you need to get back there) Click on the product that you want to track usage on:

This will show you the Product Summary information.
You need to scroll down on this page to see the graphs of daily and monthly usage
If you hover your mouse over the graph of a particular day or month
you will see a popup box showing the upload, download and
total usage statistics for that day or month.

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