Change Wifi password for pocketWifi device

Change password - Pocket WiFi

Step 1

Using the web browser on a device connected to the Pocket WiFi, enter http://pocket.wifi or into the address bar to open the online dashboard.

If you’re connected to the Pocket WiFi using the Micro USB cable from your PC, you can also open the dashboard by clicking on the shortcut icon on your desktop.

Step 2

Enter your administrator password in the password field beneath the ‘Change your settings’ heading and press the ‘Log in’ button. If you haven’t set up a password before, enter 'Admin'.

Step 3

From the ‘Manage Settings’ menu, click ‘Advanced Settings’, followed by ‘Wi-Fi Settings’ and then ‘Wi-Fi Advanced Settings'.

Step 4

Type a new password into the ‘WPA Pre-Shared Key’ field, then click ‘Apply’.

Final Note

If you’ve changed the admin password but don’t remember it, you can reset it by restoring factory settings on the device.

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