Why is my internet connection slow?

There are a number of issues that can affect the speed of your internet connection.

The quality of your telephone line can have a big influence on ADSL2 speed.  If you are experiencing crackling or hissing on your telephone line it could indicate faulty wiring either inside or outside your premises.  
Call your voice telephone provider (eg Telstra, Optus etc) to resolve these issues, which can improve internet speed.

With all Internet Issues: Hardware problems can be another source of internet speed issues.  If your modem is over 5 years old we recommend that you consider upgrading to a new modem.  Newer hardware is generally more stable and reliable and can improve your connection.  ADSL noise filters that are connected to your phone cables can also deteriorate over time, and can also be the source of connection and speed issues.

Of course there could be other technical reasons including hardware configuration, network faults and exchange congestion.  

Before lodging a fault we need to have speedtest results. Webshield has it's own speed test software. The Speedtest runs on our servers, and therefore best indicates speeds of our customer connections

Please visit our speed test page here


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