cPanel Mail features – A Basic Introduction

cPanel Mail features – A Basic Introduction


1, How to log in
2, Add, remove & edit email accounts
3, Email Forwarding
4, Spam Controls

How to log in

- Open you web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) and type into your address bar: Then Press Enter

- This should take you to the Login page which looks like this:
All you need to do is to type in the username and password given you by Webshield and press Login

Add, remove & edit email accounts

The Main cPanel Page looks like this:

(Unless you have webshield Website hosting setup you will only use the Mail options. 
Anything below this on the page will not result in useful changes.
It is advisable to leave these other settings alone unless told otherwise)

- Click the Email Accounts button to open the page to add or edit existing accounts
This is how it should look (apart from the domain name being blurred out)

At any point you can return to main cPanel page by clicking on the  Button at the top left

Adding a new email account

- Simply type in the desired email address (which will automatically end with @[mydomain] or similar)
- Type a password of your choosing into both the password boxes
- Select how much email you will allow this user to have
- Click Create Account.
That's it the new email address will be created.

Change email account password

- Click on Change Password next to the account you wish to alter
- Type in the new password of your choosing into both the password boxes
- Click Change password

Change account quota (how much email they can have before they get told: mailbox full)

- Click on Change quota next to the account you wish to alter
- Type in a different quota or select Unlimited
- Click Change Quota

Deleting an account

- Click on Delete next to the account you wish to alter
- Click Delete (NOTE: emails in this email account will be lost)

Email Forwarding Setup

Email forwarding can be very useful if people are away. You can set up to temporarily redirect all mail from on address to another. This is setup using “forwarders”. Here is a brief guide to setting them up.

This will take you to a page that looks like this

Adding a Fowarder

- Enter the Address you wish to forward the mail from (eg: fred)
- Enter the complete address you wish to forward the mail to 
- Click Add Forwarder

Deleting a forwarder

- Click on Delete next to forwarder you wish to remove
- This will take you to another page (below) where you can click Delete, then select Go Back to get back to the forwarders page


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